Fresh Organic Ramen Noodles

Restaurant Quality in the Grocery Store

Umi Organic is making the first-ever refrigerated organic ramen noodle for the grocery store. Delicious, chewy, and healthy, Umi noodles cook in 2 minutes, creating a quick-and-easy foundation for a wholesome meal. Check out our recipes for inspiration on the many ways you can use your noodle. 

Local Flavor

In Japan, ramen is more than just a bowl of soup. It’s an expression of place. Our noodles feature high protein Western wheat and whole grain barley flour from Myrtle Creek Farm, giving them exceptional nutritional value and a nutty, delicious flavor that speaks to the character of our region.  Umi Organic ramen noodles are for people short on time but discerning about quality.

Umi Organic fresh ramen noodles have only six ingredients — organic wheat, organic barley, water, sea salt, organic wheat gluten, and kansui. What's kansui? It's a combination of mineral salts that gives ramen noodles their springy resilience. Our noodles are certified organic by Oregon Tilth and naturally vegan. 

Lots of This

14g protein
12g dietary fiber
20% daily iron
Great chew! 

None of This

Artificial flavors
Artificial colors


Introducing Our New Noodle Kit!

Our newest product is a Noodles with Miso Sesame Sauce kit, our take on the Japanese dish hiyashi chuka. Two servings of our fresh organic ramen noodles come with two servings of our creamy, refreshing miso sesame sauce — the all-time favorite at our Portland farmers market booths. Because our sauce is fresh, you get all the nutritional benefits from miso, a power-house probiotic food. This great meal takes only 2 minutes to cook! In Japan, hiyashi chuka would traditionally be served chilled — after cooking the noodles, you rinse them under cold running water to stop the cooking and then toss with a little oil before adding the dressing. But we equally love it warm! Try it both ways! You can add your own favorite toppings to complete the dish.

Find our Noodle with Miso Sesame Sauce kit on grocery shelves in Oregon and Washington starting in September and October!

Fresh Organic Whole Grain Yakisoba Stir-Fry Noodles

We developed a yakisoba noodle specifically for Oregon public schools with 50% whole grains to meet federal nutrition guidelines. We are using whole grain organic durum and Edison flour from Camas Country Mill in Junction City, Oregon. Our yakisoba has great chewiness and flavor, plus they are extremely easy to use because we boil, chill, and oil the noodles before packing. All you have to do is pan-fry them! These noodles are now regular items on the menus at Portland and Eugene Public Schools. We are exploring additional wholesale and grocery options. In Oregon or Washington and interested in tasting the noodles? Reach us at for more info.