V H US Podcast
July 16, 2019

Tampopo (featuring Lola Milholland)

Lola Milholland (Umi Organic CEO and co-founder) joins Dirk Marshall of Marshall’s Haute Sauce in the studio to talk ramen. Umi Organic makes many delicious things but their start was an organic ramen noodle made right here in Portland. Lola brings a lot of heart and knowledge to this episode which is all things Tampopo. So grab a bowl of noodles and dig in! Listen here or by searching V H US wherever you listen to podcasts.

Each episode of 'V H US' features host Dirk Marshall having an in-depth talk with various guests about that week's cult film and what it is like to have the profession portrayed (sometimes very loosely) in the film.

Photo by Betty Izumi

Photo by Betty Izumi

Think Out Loud
May 15, 2019

School Lunch

Oregon’s school lunches are wholly paid for by federal dollars. At least they were until 2011 when Oregon passed legislation creating the Farm to School Grant. That established a state fund for schools to purchase fresh, locally-produced food. That law is now up for renewal and expansion. For 12 years, Whitney Ellersick, the senior director of nutrition services at Portland Public Schools, has been working to keep students fed and ready to learn every day. We hear from her and Lola Milholland, the CEO of Umi Organic, which has developed a new organic yakisoba noodle specifically to meet USDA requirements to be included in school lunches.

Photo by  Shawn Linehan .

Photo by Shawn Linehan.

Good Stuff Northwest
April 29, 2019

Organic Noodles Go To School

What comes to mind when you think of school lunches?

Once a week the cooks in my high school cafeteria served fresh cinnamon rolls baked onsite, as well as a lusciously gooey mac'n'cheese that can still make me drool when I think of it.

Image courtesy of  John Valls

Image courtesy of John Valls

Readers Digest
Winter 2018

6 Delicious Ramen Noodle Recipes That Have Been Missing from Your Life

While a steaming bowl of ramen is always comforting, these spins will bring your favorite comfort food to a whole new level. Eg: Noodles in beef bone broth with fish sauce


Don't Think Twice Podcast
March 2018

Come along on our deep dive into riveting noodle politics with Umi Organic founder, Lola Milholland. We also cover the nightmare of "audience participation", and Andrew's figure skating dreams.

Illustration courtesy of Meredith McGee

Illustration courtesy of Meredith McGee

In Good Tilth
Winter 2018

Perspectives: 3 Questions for Changemakers

Hear from some of the leading changemakers and visionaries helping create a brighter food future. In this issue, we ask Umi Organic CEO/co-founder Lola Milholland about supply chains.


Portland Monthly
May 2017

Umi, Oh My

Meet the country's first fresh, organic ramen noodle.

Edible Portland
November/December 2016

The Better Noodle

Umi Organic releases the first-ever U.S.-made fresh organic ramen noodle for the grocery.

"As the ramen craze hits Portland hard, fans can find a new local organic product on grocery store shelves later this month. Umi Organic, which debuted at Hollywood Farmers Market this spring, is the first fresh, organic ramen noodle to be made in the Pacific Northwest. Tasty, with the perfect springy texture, the noodles are made in North Portland with just six ingredients... 'There was a big hole in the marketplace, so I sought to fill it,' says Lola Milholland, a food writer-turned entrepreneur who launched the startup after digging into the complex politics of the wheat industry..." Read on.


Portland Mercury

Umi Organic Noodle Luge

"It's one thing to enjoy a nice bowl of ramen. But have you ever caught your ramen with chopsticks, fresh off a bamboo flume, as they luge into existence? Have you harvested the soul of your soup by hand? Umi Organic provides you ramen-lovers the opportunity to do just that by bringing the popular Japanese pastime Nagashi Somen to Portland. Once you've caught your noodles, take them to Umi's salad bar to add sauce and veggies from market vendors."