6 Simple Miso + Noodle Dishes that Deeply Satisfy

Miso and noodles belong together. Miso is an umami-rich fermented bean paste that carries huge loads of deep, satisfying flavor with every spoonful. It’s a perfect way to take simple soups to new depths, but also a wonderful addition to dressings that need a backbone. The probiotics in this fermented food ensure it’s feeding not only your tastebuds but your gut flora. Umi noodles are the perfect delivery vessel for miso. Thick sauces cling to their surface evenly so that as you slurp, the noodles carry just the right amount of sauce. Here are 6 recipes we turn to on the regular for simple weeknight meals that deliver a huge amount of satisfaction while also making us feel great.

1. Yuri’s Miso-Pork Noodles

yuri_silas_milo_kena_9027-1 (1).jpg

This delicious miso, pork, and mushroom sauce creates an amazing template for adding any vegetables you have on hand.

2. Weekday Vegetarian Miso Ramen


This vegetarian miso ramen is extremely flexible. The basic idea is to make a quick 5-minute miso flavor base that transforms good stock into lip-smacking ramen broth. 

3. Home-style Tantan-Men


A speedy, simple version of the classic tantan-men, classic Japanese home cooking. Somewhere between a soup and a saucy noodle, this version is super easy to whip up and very satisfying, thanks to ground pork, dried shiitake, tahini and miso.

4. Country Farm Ramen


Tonjiru in a hearty winter miso soup made with bits and pieces of root vegetables and pork. It's a perfect way to use up vegetable peelings like carrot and potato skins. Add noodles, and this becomes an unusual but hugely satisfying ramen.

5. Yuri’s Hiyashi Chukka — Japanese Ramen Salad

yuris cold sesame noodles-031.jpg

A creative spin on hiyashi chukka, that classic Japanese summer cold noodle salad with delicate slices of egg omelet, cucumber, and tomato, featuring a surprise ingredient: almond milk. This is a refreshing one!

6. Miso Chowder


A Japanese take on a classic home cooked fish chowder, with a cloudy, creamy broth and lots of fall vegetables. It’s comforting to its core.